MAADD Policies

Thank your for considering MAADD Happy Media! As with all companies, we do have rules, policies and procedures that we follow. Especially with the nature of the products we offer.

Digital products are not something that can be returned like physical items. Once you download a product or are sent something, it's yours forever to us for whatever you like, so we have a very stiff refund policy.

Digital items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Once something is delivered to you, you have it forever and it cannot be returned, therefore, we cannot refund you. 

Logos: Custom and Premade Logos come with ONE round of revisions. Once you purchase, you are responsible for giving us the information for us to create your logo. Colors, Fonts, business name, any edits. The first mock is sent to you,  if you'd like an additional change, that IS included in your purchase. If we send you a second mock-up and need an additional change, there is a $25 charge for each edit. 

Content Writing: This is either paid by the week or the month. Each blog post or article comes with one round of revisions. Beyond that, is a $25 charge per revision. Please carefully read over each piece the first time to prevent additional revisions. Content Writing is 3 pieces per week. If you want more articles are blogs per week, you can purchase those for $80 per piece, unless otherwise discussed with us. Purchasing additional blogs/articles would be significantly cheaper to buy in bulk.  Each blog or article comes with photos that pertain to the subject of the post, we will provide those images, unless you have your own images that you'd prefer to use. 
Due to the nature of the product, once this contents delivered, (copywriting),  they are non-retunable and non-refundable. 

SEO (search engine optimization): The nature of this service is also delivered digitally and cannot be returned or refunded. The idea is the ensure the technical site of your site is running properly and has no errors. Errors and breaks will be fixed. Content will be edited as needed to make is Search Friendly to search engines and searchers, alike. Keywords will be reviewed and edited as needed, sitemap will be reviewed, recommendations will be made and corrections executed. And one of the most important things is that your site, service or product and its content must solve a problem for the end user and the content should be built on emotion. Here are some of the more important technical items that will be addressed. 

  • Keyword research
  • Copy optimization
  • URL structure recommendations
  • Sitemap creation
  • Alt tag optimization
  • SEO site recommendations
  • Conversion recommendations

Reputation Management: Often times, a brand will just want their feedback monitored and have not had an issue with reviews or negative mentions. Others have had unwarranted negative feedback somewhere and would like it corrected and we can help you with that... and of monitoring current and future feedback. We first act a mediator to get negative remarks removed or edited, but sometimes, we will go beyond that to get it removed.